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A great recipe for a vegetable and quinoa mix

I started off by pouring cold water over my quinoa (1 cup) and then I placed my quinoa in a pot that I was warming up with olive oil. I stirred my quinoa in the olive oil so it would not stick to the pot when I started cooking it. I then followed up by adding 2 cups of water into the pot, covering the pot and letting my quinoa cook until it became fluffy.

-Cook Time: approximately 10–13 minutes

Quinoa cooking tip: no matter how much quinoa you add to your pot, you have to double the amount of water, and it comes out just right every time.

Example: If you plan on making 2 cups of quinoa, you have to add 4 cups of water to your pot.

While my quinoa was cooking, I cleaned off my broccoli and chopped celery sticks and placed them in a pot of hot salt water and let them broil.

-Cook Time: approximately 10–13 minutes

I then warmed up some plant-based butter and let it spread over the pan. When the pan was completely covered and the butter was hot, I placed my plant-based ground be’f in the pan and let it cook thoroughly. Next, I added cut up bell pepper, onion, and mushrooms and let it cook for about 5-8 minutes with a constant stir.

My last step:

I cut up some tomatoes and cucumbers and then added all of my ingredients to a bowl and stirred them all together.

Voila 🧈🍄🧅🫑🥦🍅🥒🥗

Sn: I poured the water from my celery and broccoli broil into a 2 quart pitcher to drink later.

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