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My Recovery from Food Poisoning

Yesterday I had to overcome food poisoning. It all started after I ate a "snack" of junk food. I was in a super upbeat mood, and all of a sudden, it had changed. To try and soothe the feeling, I ate a banana, drank some black tea, and laid down. I then got up and tried to eat an apple, but I could barely eat it, so I laid back down. I then tried drinking some water, but that only seemed to make it worse because I vomited four times, so I took a bath and laid back down.

Eventually, I went to sleep for about two hours, and when I awoke, I drank some mango juice and apple juice (both, not from concentration) and flushed it down with a lot of water. I had a voice in my head telling me to "get out and try to move around. Sitting here isn’t going to help you feel better. Get some vitamin D." I got out and, after a lot of moving, I ended up vomiting again four times. My body began to feel as if there was a weight lifted from it. I took a trip to Walmart and picked up a bottle of GT'S Enlightened Organic & Raw Kombucha Gingerade, 16 fl. oz., blackberries, apples, and a jug of water.

I was curious if my body was going to hold down anything, so I started my replenishment process (to gain back the lost fluids that contain salts and minerals) with my kombucha tea. I started with my kombucha tea because kombucha has what is called "good bacteria" (which helps with gut health and strengthening the immune system) in it (you can see the bacteria floating in the bottom of the bottle) and I wanted that bacteria to put on its gear and fight through the bad bacteria that was causing me to feel this way. After drinking a whole bottle of kombucha, I got up and did some moving around at work and let the kombucha settle in my stomach for about an hour. To my surprise, the kombucha stayed settled. I then ate my pack of blackberries and drank a lot of water. After an hour had passed, I then ate an apple, which is one of my favorite alkalizing items, and drank a whole lot more water.

From there, I knew all was going to be alright because I was moving around again like normal and nothing I had eaten was trying to come back up. After work, I grabbed a plant-based burger to put some weight on my stomach, and I knew that with a good hot bath, some sleep, and a trip to the gym, I would be back recovered.

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