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Plant-Based Cajun Boil

Cook and Prep Time: Approximately 1 hour and 10-40 minutes

Items Needed:

•Corn On The Cob


•Plant-Based Sausage

•Plant-Based Meatballs

•Baby Dutch Yellow Potatoes

•Bell Peper




•Plant-Based Butter

•Grapeseed Oil


•Smoked Paprika

•N’Orleans Cajun

•Cayenne Pepper

•Garlic Powder

-Side Note: I just eye my measurements out

First, you're going to want to start by placing your potatoes in a bowl and adding cold water. Let your potatoes sit in the water for 5–10 minutes. While your potatoes are sitting, start a pot of boiling water. After you let your potatoes soak, you are going to want to run them under cold water while giving them a rub, ensuring that they are clean. After ensuring your potatoes are clean, place them in your broiling water for about 15-20 minutes (until they are soft).

Next, you are going to want to put a pan on medium heat and add grapeseed oil. While your oil is heating, cut up your sausages and meatballs and place them in the pan when your oil is at cooking temperature. Give them a constant stir until they are browned on each side.

While your sausages and meatballs are cooking, add your thawed corn to a bowl. Run some room temperature water over a paper towel and squeeze out your paper towel, leaving it a little damp. Open up your paper tower and place it on top of your bowl full of corn. Now place your corn in the microwave for 5–6 minutes, letting it cook to a warm temperature.

(Preheat your oven to 450 degrees.)

While your corn is cooking and the oven is heating, add two sticks of plant-based butter to a sauce pan. While your butter is melting, cut up your asparagus, onions, bell peppers, and lemons. Squeeze out your lemons and add your lemon juice to your melted butter and give it a stir. Next, you are going to add your seasoning to your melted butter, give it another stir, and turn your temperature to low.

Now place your potatoes, corn, sausages, meatballs, bell pepper, onion, asparagus, and (cold water washed) mushrooms into an oven bake bag and give it a good shake, mixing everything around. Now you are going to pour your melted butter sauce all over your mix and give it another good shake. Now that everything is mixed up and all covered in sauce, tie up your back and place it in the oven for 35-45 minutes.

Voila  🧈🍋🫑🧅🌽🥔🧂🥘

-I ended up making a cauliflower pizza out of my boil mix.

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