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Plant-Based Chicken Strips

Updated: May 30, 2022

Cook Time: Approximately 10 - 20 Minutes

Items Needed:

•Grapeseed Oil

•Organic Ground Turmeric

•Organic Ground Powder

•Organic Quinoa Flour

•N’Orleans Cajun Seasoning

•Gluten Free 4C Crumbs Plain

•Whole Portabella Mushrooms

•Oat Milk

Plus a cooking pan, large bowl, and a plate

-Side Note: I just eye my measurements out

First, you're going to want to start by putting your pan on a low heat, so when you're done cutting up your mushrooms, you can add them to the pan.

After putting your pan on a low heat, you are going to want to cut your mushrooms into small strips.

Increase the heat to medium. Now, in a bowl large enough to coat your mushrooms, combine your seasoning (whatever you prefer) and quinoa flour (or garbanzo flour; almond flour did not fry well when I tried it). Add oat milk to your mix and stir until you get a pancake like mixture. You don’t want your mixture too thick or too loose.

Now you're going to want to add your 4C crumbs to a plate so you can bread your mushrooms after you coat them. Once you have everything set up and ready, it’s time to coat and cook. You are going to put a couple of slices of your mushrooms into your bowl and swoosh them around with a fork in your coating mix until they are covered. Once your mushrooms are fully covered, you're going to want to place them on your plate that is covered with bread crumbs. Using a spoon, you are going to sprinkle the crumbs from your plate onto your mushrooms until they are fully covered with crumbs.

Once your mushrooms are fully covered with crumbs, It's time to put those bad boys in the oil. [Inserts mushrooms into hot grapeseed oil] Cook until desired browning is achieved, flip them, and remove when desired browning is achieved.

Using a spatula, remove your cooked mushrooms from the oil and place them on a napkin (preferably with some foil or wax paper under it so oil doesn’t get everywhere. Allow your mushrooms to drain excess oil for about 2-4 minutes and you are ready to crunch away.

Voila 🍄 ”🥘🍗”

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