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The important of children having a father in their life

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Fathers a.k.a. Pops your children need you. Video games are cool, but the youth get more excited when they learn how to use tools, when they learn how to build things, when they learn how to fix on their cars when they break down. It’s super exciting to complete a workshop project from scratch when using tools and materials. A couple of years ago when I build a dog house and added insulation to it I was excited to complete that project. Now days when my car breaks down and I go and buy parts for it and fix it, it’s super cool to me that I fixed a machine and made it work again. This is one of the main reason I like spending time with my paw because he likes to garden, build things, do electrical work, etc. Often times pain strikes me when I think about my pops Father. Their from Chicago and their pops was taken away from them when they were 15 and often times I think that caused a broken link within our family tree. Because Im like, “man it’s probably things that he could have taught them about life that could have possibly made our bond stronger and things that they could have passed down to us”. I think it’s time we break the curses that have been placed upon us. Fathers, stay by your children side and learn skills so you can pass them down to your children.

An article titled "5 Important Ways Fathers Impact Child Development" presented by Child Crisis AZ, states the following points on why it’s important for children to have a father in their life:

•Increase Intellect.

-A active father can help increase your child’s emotional intelligence and problem-solving capabilities. Studies show that children with fathers who were actively involved throughout the 1st year of their child’s life perform better on cognitive development assessments and demonstrate an increased capacity for curiosity and exploration. Children raised with active dads tend to score higher on verbal and math tests and are less likely to drop out of school or commit juvenile crimes.

•Boost Confidence.

-The emotional support provided by a father to his child is a priceless gift. By helping kids to understand how much they are valued and loved, children with supportive fathers are more likely to have high self-esteem and are generally happier and more confident. They also demonstrate a greater tolerance for stress/frustration, less hesitation/fear in new situations and an increased ability to resist peer pressure and stand up for themselves.

•Someone To Look Up To.

-Fathers provide a positive male role model for their children and help to promote/reinforce good behaviors. As a result, children with more involved fathers tend to have fewer behavioral and impulse control problems, longer attention spans and a higher level of sociability. These children also tend to be more compassionate and generous, with an increased awareness of the needs and rights of others.

•Provide A Different Perspective.

-Children are naturally full of questions, and mothers and fathers approach those questions in different ways. Active parents with different approaches to parenting can be a great way to expose children to a broad range of thinking and problem-solving. Active fathers have a unique opportunity to share their perspective on life and teach their kids valuable life skills!

•Feel The Love!

-It’s the most obvious thing to say, but that doesn’t make it any less important – having an active father makes a child feel loved! Having dad as a steady source of love and encouragement helps ensure that children grow up happy and healthy, with high self-esteem.

To the future/new parents, hold it down.

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