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Call/Video Session

Bringing light to dark situations - I am here to assist you

  • 2 hr

Service Description

Electric Light is an organization for those who are in a dark space (with stress, depression, and/or anxiety) in life. As someone who has experienced different walks of life, Sanders, who coaches from experience, is a suitable life coach and motivational speaker for others. Sanders is that energy ball that powers people up, like, "Hey, let's go get something to eat, let’s go to an arcade amusement, let’s just go have fun, etc." Something that is going to pump people up and bring light to their dark situations. •Promoting/Acknowledging wellbeing -To Analyze, Review, then Clarify -To Restore & Build -To Ignite (Think Smarter. Think Healthier.) Putting others on a positive life journey.

Contact Details


Dallas, TX, USA

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