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My Fitness Journey

If you are just beginning your exercise journey, take your time and be patient with yourself. You are going to have goals set that you are going to see others already completing, but you must break your goals down into steps and eventually you will reach them. For instance, I now run two miles when I go to the gym, but it hasn’t always been that way. I started off by running a mile for about a year and a half. The thing about that, though, is that I would run for 3 minutes (completing .35 of a mile) and then walk for 2 minutes (completing .40 of a mile), run for another 3 minutes (completing .75 of a mile) and then walk for 2 minutes (completing .85 of a mile, etc. (until I reached a mile).

When it comes to body changes, I did not see a change in my body until after my first full year of working out. I started off by pumping small weights and eventually grew to bigger weights. For example, I typically bench one 25–35 lb plate on each side. In 2021, I began benching one 45-pound plate on each side, and I can now add a 10 pound plate on each side.When you try to overdo your workout, you risk injuring yourself. And can we exercise if we are injured? No way! Also, you risk losing motivation because who wants to exercise when they feel as if they are not progressing? So take it slow with your exercise journey and enjoy it along the way, for in the end, you will not be where you started.


For starters, if your goal is to exercise 5 days a week, take two of those days and use them as days dedicated to ONLY doing aerobics so you don’t burn yourself out.

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